CHELCA launches Suite929

NEW YORK, NY – December 13, 2010 – CHELCA today announced the launch of “Suite929,” a new digital online TV network brand focusing on arts, culture, fashion, and nightlife. The digital brand will debut on May 14th, 2011 at

“Suite929” will feature an eclectic mix of art-driven photo image galleries, and multimedia (video) programming. “Suite929” will be produced in-house by CHELCA Multimedia, under the direction of CHELCA Founder/Principal Chuck Holliday and Creative Director Julianne Kelber, and operate as part of it’s Multimedia unit.

“We’re thrilled to launch such a brand that showcases the daily New Yorker,” said Julianne Kelber, Creative Director/President, CHELCA. “‘Suite929’ brings our robust, vibrant online community to all audiences across the nation who can now view the vast array of original programming on a trusted platform.”

“We believe in the concept of an interactive digital network, and we’re excited to bring that idea back as the newly created Suite929,” said Chuck Holliday, Founder/Principal, CHELCA. “We’re equally excited to have this new venture launched in-house, which will result in a better value for our clients and a better experience for our viewers and online users.”

“Suite929” will draw upon the extensive power of sister-brand Avenue 1, the first digital magazine to launch under CHELCA (in 2004), focusing to get to the heart of programming the average daily New Yorker want to see and learn about. “Suite929” will also have an extensive interactive component, allowing viewers to vote in polls, and delve deeper into subjects covered on any particular video segment.