CHELCA launches new digital ad network

CHELCA has launched an online digital advertising network that links 14 of its digital properties, allowing advertisers to reach an unduplicated audience of nearly 20 million unique users each month.

Option 1 Worldwide will sell inventory by targeting specific audiences and not by specific websites.

The platform will use data providers such as Quantcast and BlueKai to offer demographic composition, behavorial patterns, geographic location and purchase intenders. That data will be supplemented with internal CHELCA and client-provided data to help advertisers find the audience they are looking for.

The system will include a capability to provide clients with preferred access to Option 1’s inventory in real-time bidding environments via private exchanges.

CHELCA will maintain full control over its inventory during the purchase process.

“Ad networks and portals are a $1 million marketplace, where third-party ad networks capture a disproportionate share,” said Maxi-Denise Lewis, CHELCA Spokesperson. “Option 1 allows CHELCA to be a key player in this market with a portfolio of leading digital properties. By dialing down third-party ad networks, we’re able to take greater control over our digital inventory and provide the marketplace with a new buying opportunity directly from a trusted and premium content source.”

The Option 1 network is making inventory through this system available from all of its entertainment websites, including,,,,, and, as well as from,,,, the 12 CHELCA associates websites and