CHELCA Alliance acquires The Syndicate

NEW YORK, NY, July 3, 2012 — CHELCA has acquired The Syndicate (commonly known as The Syndies), one of urban entertainment’s leading female-focused internet radio brands, thus expanding its digital publishing portfolio. The announcement was made today by Melanie Collard, Managing Partner, CHELCA.

The former internet radio show, which has reached 1.7 million visitors and viewers, has been registering significant growth in both ad sales and viewership via it’s video archive catalog re-airing on CHELCA-owned Suite929.

Launched in March 2010, The Syndicate aired weekly episodes via and various urban entertainment affiliates.

Ms.Collard said: “In just two short years, The Syndicate has become the standard blueprint model for most urban entertainment internet radio launches. It’s a terrific property with a clear mission, strong brand, and desirable audience. This acquisition increases our foothold in the advertiser-coveted young, upscale, female demographic, and perfectly complements our current roster of multimedia properties and plays to our strength of running and operating digital publishing brands.”

The acquisition by CHELCA is part of the company’s strategy to transform its portfolio and focus on assets with potential for higher growth. The Syndicate joins CHELCA’s fully-owned digital publishing unit, which include Avenue 1, a top-notch digital magazine in every key demographic; Suite929, the most upscale Web TV network, which just completed it’s first year of operations; and Mobilife Buzz, the quickly rising mobile software and social technology digital magazine. Along with other operated brands such as Gwinin TV, CHELCA’s digital publishing unit accounts for 40% of the company’s profits, and are experiencing double-digit, year-over-year growth.

The Syndicate was founded by current radio personality Maya Medena along with fellow radio personalities Randa Luv and The Lovely J.

The Syndicate will strengthen CHELCA’s position of leadership in upscale, female-focused media. The Syndies’ audience complements the viewers of Avenue 1 and visitors to Suite929, a leading Web TV platform for upscale urban culture. With these assets across multiple platforms, CHELCA Alliance will now have an even more attractive go-to-market position in the fast-growing women’s entertainment and lifestyle market, as The Syndicate will transform into a hybrid digital magazine and Web TV brand, utilizing it’s existing video library, which has been under CHELCA Alliance’s control since September 2011, and producing new episodes in the future at (

Said Chuck Holliday, Principal Partner, CHELCA: “We are very excited to add The Syndicate to our portfolio of publishing assets. We believe we can take it to the next level by expanding the quality brand that has been created by Maya and the rest of the team.”


CHELCA is a multimedia platform, digital publishing, and visual production entity focusing exclusively on the multimedia industry utilizing new resources to present original programming and content via the world wide web.
Formed in December 2009 through the combining of Digital First Strategies and Urban Renewal Media, CHELCA owns and operates a valuable portfolio of digital publishing brands, a Web TV network, significant e-commerce properties, and an award-winning photography portfolio in landscape and commercial imaging.

CHELCA is based in New York, NY.


Julianne Kelber