CHELCA to launch “MobiLife Buzz”

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, February 23, 2012 – CHELCA Alliance announced today the establishment of MobiLife Buzz. The newest publishing brand within CHELCA Alliance brings together the urban entertainment industry and today’s mobile technology (mobile applications, devices, and electronics), to form a digital magazine that will create original content and more immersive experiences for fashion consumers. At launch (Q2 2012), the combined assets of CHELCA Alliance’s Publishing Unit will help MobiLife Buzz reach almost 3 million unique monthly users worldwide in it’s first month.

The announcement was made by Chuck Holliday, Co-Founder/Principal Partner, CHELCA Alliance, and Julianne Kelber, Strategy & Business Development, CHELCA Alliance.

“The launch of MobiLife Buzz shows our commitment to deliver 100% original multimedia content that is provided from a journalistic standpoint,” said Ms.Kelber. “MobiLife Buzz philosophy promotes utilizing today’s mobile technology for both professional and daily usage. The urban entertainment industry now have a place where they can find mobile electronics and applications that can enhance their journey while on the go. We will be launching the brand aggressively to consumers with full-scale mobile access.”

“CHELCA Alliance has been moving down parallel paths to create a new media platform that capitalizes on the unique strengths of aspiring entrepreneurs who may not realize how much of today’s mobile technology can enhance their journey,” added Mr.Holliday. “The time is right to create a focused digital platform that brings together the knowledge and expertise of both the urban entertainment and mobile technology industries so consumers who are not as comfortable venturing into the mobile arena can realize their true potential.”

MobiLife Buzz will complement CHELCA Alliance’s four publishing brands primarily focused on urban lifestyle and fashion (Avenue 1, Suite929, G Style, and All World Live), and will publish all original content, including video and streaming coverage.

About CHELCA Alliance

CHELCA is a multimedia platform, digital publishing, and visual production entity focusing exclusively on the multimedia industry utilizing new resources to present original programming and content via the world wide web.
We believe that a brand is not a name, a logo or an ad campaign. A brand is an idea in the minds of your employees and the consumer…and that idea is formed by what you say and what you do – branding and operations working in harmony to deliver a singular, unique customer experience.

CHELCA Alliance is a merger of CHELCA and Alliance Worldwide PR, and is based in New York, NY.