Suite929tv sweetens online offering

It began as an idea hatched by multihyphenates while working at a fashion show in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City last winter. Nearly four months later, is about to make its formal commercial debut as a web venture designed to showcase the work of media personalities, fashion industry veterans, and pros from the modeling and lifestyle worlds.

The Suite929 TV (stylized as Suite929tv) website will have a soft launch on June 27th to show off its sizzle reel. in late June, it will begin rolling out segs of 5-7 original series and other content bits specifically produced for the new venture.

Documentary and Semi-Scripted fare that Suite929 TV has in hand after its initial rollout includes:

    “MODELife,” created by the Suite929tv staff, going behind the scenes during modeling photo shoots and business transactions (co-produced by Melanie Collard and Chuck Holliday);
    “The 9ine,” starring various TV personalities traveling throughout New York City visiting restaurants, spas, and fashion brands (produced by Chuck Holliday);
    “MurderGraham,” written by Jared Waiss, directed by Chuck Holliday, and starring UK presenter Jade “Leyton” Graham (co-produced by Chuck Holliday and Jared Waiss);
    “Picture Perfect,” starring Washington DC-based celebrity photographer Anthony Tilghman (co-produced by Tilghman and Chuck Holliday);
    “Glamours Edge,” created and launched in 2007 starring former photographer turned TV producer Chuck Holliday (Season 4 will air on Suite929tv);
    “TLNA: The Late Night Alumni,” a single-camera documentary that follows socialites, DJ’s, and event promoters as they prepare for outings on the town in New York’s busy nightlife scene (produced by Chuck Holliday);
    “Fatally Single,” a round table panel-style series featuring various social media journalists and media personalities weighing the pros and cons of dating in today’s society (produced by Melanie Collard);

In the new iteration, Suite929 TV aims to make money through advertising and sponsorships, but creators will retain co-ownership and copyright control of their content. A majority of Suite929 TV’s programming will be produced in-house and is overseen by its creator, Chuck Holliday, who got the idea off the ground during New York Fashion Week with the help of his association with NBCUniversal.

Holliday and others held a daylong presentation in March in Stamford, CT that instructed producers and corporate executives on how relatively cheap and easy it is to produce high-def Internet video content, now that high-def cameras and sophisticated editing software is widely available and affordable. That event spurred dozens of corporate executives to commit to assisting in distribution and funding for Suite929 TV.

“Basically, Suite929 is original content created by regular professionals,” Holliday said. “The content we have ranges from fashion, drama, lifestyle and culture, to round table discussion … this is an opportunity for producers like myself and others to experience and try something new with a very low risk factor.” Suite929 TV also will include a blog-like feature that will allow viewers to voice their opinions and criticisms of the content.

Suite929 TV accepts submissions from anyone who is a member of the CHELCA Alliance via corporate referral. Down the road, Holliday said he’d like to expand to a section where aspiring talent can post work themselves.

Holliday brainstormed the idea for Suite929 TV while pounding the pavement outside NBCUniversal. He’d produced video programming for multimedia rap brand, “The Round Table Show” and he was impressed by how quickly it spread around the Web. Other scribes who are helping to manage Suite929 TV include screenwriter Jared Waiss, PR veteran Melanie Collard, former runway model Valencia “Eve” Garcia and CHELCA Creative Director Julianne Kelber.

Holliday and Collard have financed the launch out of their own pockets, at a cost of “a little under $10,000,” he said. For the moment, its headquarters are in Holliday’s neighborhood of Roosevelt Island, New York City, though they have web programmers and other tech staffers working on the network in Miami Beach.


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